Personal Goals/Objections for My Studies

I was drawn to library science because I love academia. However, although I am an English major, I did not want to teach, which is the number one question all English majors are asked ensuing graduation. I am thankful for my choice in Library and Information Science. The possibilities within librarianship covers a broad spectrum, and I am headed toward the desk of an academic library. My decision to pursue library science was fairly recent. I wanted a stable job I could invest myself in where I would be able work with people on a day-to-day basis, particularly in an academic setting.

Within an academic setting, I still plan to write; this is a goal requiring proactive work on my part. I plan to write and do research during my graduate studies and get as much published as I can, then eventually write book reviews for librarian resources like Voya, The Horn, and Library Journal. One of my colleagues has a column in a library magazine, which is something I could see myself getting involved in, too. Currently, I am working with one of my professors editing academic essays from European authors. In the future, whether helping out with the university newspaper/magazine, getting involved in the campus writing center, or submitting essays to academic journals, I plan to continue writing throughout my career.

Concerning the location of the university I am hoping to work in, I have my mind set outside the U.S. for the first couple of years. I would like to work in a different country while I am young and acquire more library experience in a different cultural setting. I have yet to narrow down the country and city, but I have time to weigh my options. Flexibility is a key component to job hunting. There are employment opportunities, I just have to know where to look. I believe in loving what I do. Inevitably, I am going to invest my life into something; I intend to enjoy the hours poured in, not just the money earned. From the onset, refusing to settle for “just any job” requires patience and persistence. I am a firm believer that, with a little imagination and determination, my MLIS degree has the potential to take me anywhere and provide a sustainable income in the process.

During this class, my learning objectives are to understand of the basic philosophical principles of the profession (as well as to develop my own). I want to know the effects, issues, and challenges of librarianship and relate this understanding to my career goals in order to develop a professional conceptualization of my role as a librarian and a global citizen.


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